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Membership Type      Bonus Amtrak Guest Rewards Points       Add up to...  
$30 Student & Senior  250 Points  
$40 Individual  400 Points  
$60 Family 450 Points 3 Members
$125 Sustaining  1000 Points 4 Members
$250 Advocate Silver 2000 Points 4 Members
$500 Advocate Gold  3500 Points 5 Members
$1000 Silver Rail Society 7500 Points 7 Members


* Membership: Advocate Silver Join
Supporter Annual Dues ($250)
Advocate Gold Annual Dues ($500)
Silver Rail Society Annual Membership ($1000)
Individual Monthly Subscription ($3.00)
Family Monthly Subscription ($5.00)
Sustaining Monthly Subscription ($10.00)
Advocate Monthly Subscription ($13.00)
Advocate Silver Monthly Subscription ($25.00)
Advocate Gold Monthly Subscription ($45.00)
Silver Rail Society Monthly Subscription ($85.00)
Student/Senior Membership ($30)
Individual Membership ($40)
Family Membership ($60)
Sustaining Membership ($125)
Individual Monthly Subscription ($4)
Student/Senior Monthly Subcription ($3)

NARP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization: All membership fees are tax deductible, with the exception of Amtrak Guest Rewards Points, which have a taxable value of 2.5 cents per point. 

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Amtrak Guest Rewards Number is optional, but essential to earn bonus points for joining NARP. You may enroll in the program here: https://amtrakguestrewards.com/members/new

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