Forget Flyover Country?

“Misguided and mean-spirited," that’s how I referred to the Washington Post’s May 3rd editorial attacking America’s long-distance trains. I invite you to read my full response here.

Tens of millions of Americans don’t live in cities like the Post’s own DC headquarters. It’s both convenient and typical for an entrenched DC based entity to forget about those outside of the DC region.

Passenger trains make money by generating jobs, retail, mobility, tourism and real-estate development. Communities form, grow, thrive and reinvest because of the “profit” as a result of rail service. Quite frankly, the collective “we” should be okay with that.

Everyday I’m proud of the work of the Rail Passengers Association’s professional staff. I watch them work tirelessly to remind Washington, DC that there is a “rest of the country” outside of DC.

Today I ask you to help the Rail Passengers Association by donating. Your generosity helps to ensure that passengers voices from all areas of the country are heard, loud and clear. Please donate today!


Jim Mathews, President & CEO

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